Friday, March 07, 2014

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Beloved SL Fashion Designer Munchflower Zaius is Gravely Ill and Overwhelmed by Medical Costs -- Here's How to Help

Munchflower Zaius SL Creator Needs Medical Help

Click here to consider helping Shannon Grei, the Oregon artist known and loved for many years in Second Life as the fashion designer Munchflower Zaius. You can donate cash via Paypal to her account Munchflower at hotmail dot com, or donate Linden Dollars to her avatar in-world (here's her SL account page), or click here to purchase items from her SL Marketplace (be sure to enable Mature). She suffers from a connective tissue disorder which causes extreme pain and dislocations, and has become overwhelmed by the costs required to afford the medication. As she puts it bluntly, "I'm 36 years old and I cannot afford to survive."

While Shannon is a well-known and successful SL content creator, she had to give up her SL sim a few months ago, due to the monthly tier expenses and her condition:

"I just wasn't pulling in enough from SL to keep it going," she tells me. "I couldn't keep up with making stuff or all the advertising and promoting that needs to happen. I couldn't agree to do an [in-world] event because I had no idea how I'd feel that week or that day. When I did do it, it was exhausting."

As she explains on her Go Fund Me page, she is unfortunately unable to get help from President Obama's Affordable Care Act, or other government assistance, partly due to her previous success as a Second Life creator:

I cannot get coverage under the Affordable Care Act as I owe money I do not have to the state... I have been fighting with disability [social security coverage] for just over two years now, but it is a process. My condition is not on the list of acceptable conditions for disability, and has to be reviewed on a case by case basis. I do not qualify for unemployment because of having been self-employed, and I do not qualify for welfare because they average it based on an entire year's worth of income for me.

Read the rest here. I've liked and admired Shannon pretty much since I started writing about Second Life, and I know thousands more feel the same, and want to help her out any way they can. (And thinks to Tenshi Vielle for letting me know about this.)

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Ilsa Hesse

I love Nomine... hope she gets better :-(


Thanks for posting this, I went on a shopping spree in her store. I know in RL value it doesn't amount to much, but if all your readers spent some L$ in her store it will add up.

Her fashion might be a bit out of your comfort zone, but there can't be a better reason to try something and play around.


I can relate to fighting with SS over disability. I have MRI's and xrays along with letters from half a dozen doctors and surgeons who have treated me and still I had to fight for well over 3 years before finally winning my last appeal to an Administrative Judge. They did everything to try and deny disability. The doctor they sent me too was a joke and was just trying to find any reason to deny me.

Good luck Munchflower.


Its Salem... I don't know if you remember me Munchie.. We used to be sisters ages ago it seems. I read about whats going on and I am seriously in tears. I don't think you want to hear that though.
Know that you are in my prayers now, and I wish more than anything I could do something to help. I wish I had never left SL years ago due to my own real life things, and kept in contact. I have always regarded you as my family in my heart, and still do.
If there was a way i could help i would. I will try and see if I can do something to help you in this, if I can.

With much love, your little sis.

Salem Pussycat

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