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Friday, March 21, 2014


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Pussycat Catnap

Much as vString might be on the path to cutting into the popularity of Lolas, as soon as someone makes a mesh head that is fitted mesh - this product is going to seem very dated.

Appliers for skin or not - the features of these are very locked down and to me they look somewhere between Irish, Anglo, Russian. Both of them.

So that kind of cuts out a LOT of different looks. Not just non-euro avatars like mine, but even variety among Europeans - which is quite common in SL.

Unless fitted mesh simply cannot do for the head shape dials what it does for the bosom dials, and cannot do for expressions linked to AO animations what it does for avatar physics in the bosom... unless that CANNOT be done, I don't understand why of all times this would be released now - just as fitted is starting to take off.

A year ago, it would make sense as a product. But really soon now any avatar worn mesh that is not fitted is going to be a hard sell if you can't first get customers to agree with why it is not.
- That will also end up applying to places that fitted has no impact on, due to unrealistic expectations.

I love slink feet, but because I use a standard size. In a few months somebody will have fitted mesh feet - maybe that somebody will be slink. and that will change that market.

But they do good work, and it seems like this time they've put a lot of energy into what will be a short term popular item doom to be crushed by a fitted replacement 'any day/week/month now' - but no later than a period of short months.


My understanding is that the mesh heads cannot be rigged with fitted mesh. Don't quote me on that, but that is what I've heard. Siddean did preview in a demo video a really gorgeous, more ethnic looking head so she definitely has plans on doing a variety of head sculpts.
I tried the demos and they were a lot of fun to play with, but neither felt like "me" so I didn't purchase one at this time.
I hope if anyone does fitted mesh feet it will be slink. I suspect if that ends up being the case, Siddean will release them as an update rather than a new purchase because that's what she did with the very early version of the flat mesh feet and medium mesh feet (before appliers). I hope so because I'm bit of a skin-a-holic and I certainly don't feel like buying all new appliers for somebody else's feet. So there's that and the fact that so many shoe creators have made shoes specially fit to the Slink feet. The only way I would ever upgrade to fitted mesh limbs would be if Slink did them. The small size fits me very nicely so I just wouldn't have a reason to buy someone else's hands or feet.

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