Friday, April 04, 2014

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Marketing Tips to Help Make Virtual Reality Go Mass Market

VR mass market tips

I just posted some communication/marketing strategy thoughts on theMIX agency blog for virtual reality companies seeking to go mass market -- not just Oculus Rift, as many more companies are in the running. Top tips:

  • Create a Communication Plan Around VR Sex—Before It Becomes a PR Crisis
  • Plan for Strong Outreach to Senior Citizens & Disabled People
  • Openly Address Criticisms of VR’s Limitations

Read the rest here.


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Pussycat Catnap

"Virtual reality sex—it’s already happening, it’s going to happen much more, and VR companies are likely underestimating how much of a barrier to mass market adoption it’s going to create"

Yes and No.

Most of the advances of the internet were fueled AND paid for by "adult entertainment" companies. Those companies were paying for the bandwidth on ISPs and gateways long before anyone else could afford to. The dot-com boom companies got 'free rides on the back of XXX companies paying for the wires.

Those same companies figured out online billing that kept privacy intact, streaming video was developed by them, broadband was pushed by them, and even many of the design needs that pushed the advancement of the browsers and standards started with them.

(and if you want to know what sort of eBooks are selling for people's eReaders... and what creative markets that opens... if you're a budding fiction writer who wants to pay rent; your best bet is to learn to describe anatomy with flourish.)

They were first to market for all of, paid for it, made profit on it, and made a number of creative ideas viable commercially before others took those things "mass market".

It didn't even occur to me at first; but I can see the first highly profitable use of Octopus being from a XXX company letting you get up-close-and-person with some young overly tattooed woman's VR representation.

After that, the game companies it was "intended for" will look into it, and then in about a decade it might show up in boardrooms under a very blanded down name like "iHoloConference"...

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