Tuesday, April 29, 2014

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New World Notes: Now With Ten MILLION Pageviews!

New World Notes Second Life blog 10 million pageviews

New World Notes launched in March 2006 (after 3 years of being a Linden Lab-sponsored blog), and after 8 years of operation, recently hit a milestone: 10 million page views. (Screengrab at left.) That's thanks to everyone reading this now and in all the years in the past, major sites like Boing Boing, the BBC, Kotaku, and Reddit who bring in occasional traffic spikes, and just as much to Janine "Iris Ophelia" Hawkins, who's been writing for NWN for just about all that time.

10 million is a nice number, but I'm even more boggled by the other numbers here: 7,532 posts, and 47,559 reader comments. If you assume each post is an average of 250 words (equivalent to a single book page), and each comment averages out to 100 words, that means:

  • I've written about 1,883,000 words for New World Notes so far.
  • Which could fit in a book that's 7,532 pages long.
  • And New World Notes readers have made about 4,755,900 worth of comments.
  • Which could fit in a book that's 19,023 pages long.

Here's to the next ten million pageviews more -- and millions more of your own comments! Thanks again for both reading and writing.

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Vanadis Falconer

Hard work and quality delivers results.
I was proud of my 110,000 readers in four years how proud should not you be. But of course I write in Swedish and has only 20 million potential readers who can read without a translator

Metacam Oh

Congrats Hamlet, this is one of the websites I make sure to check daily, thanks for all the great content.

Argo N.

Hamlet, don't let it go to your head. My take on all this is that Ebbe's got a big experiment going on now and if it fails you can toss in the towel on SL. I think the various VC who run this place want to see how this works out. IF it does SL will have a way forward, not only technically but sociologically as well. There's a lot of buzz about the new approach but at the end of the day Ebbe has to keep the lights on, the machine clanking and meet the payroll. Lets hope he succeeds.


Congratulations to you and Iris!

Hamlet Au

Thanks all!

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