Monday, April 14, 2014

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New World Notes is Expanding Its Virtual Reality/Oculus Rift Coverage -- Here's How You Can Help

Jerri Ellsworth Augmented Virtual Reality

The new world for New World Notes is VR. By now, it's clear that virtual reality devices led by Oculus Rift along with startups like CastAR are going to a major if not the central facet to the future of virtual worlds, 3D gaming and immersive experiences of all kinds. I want New World Notes to be a key resource for that future, and over the next few months, you should see more and more coverage along those lines. But because the topic is so wide and changing so quickly, I'm looking for new contributors and content to feature on NWN. If you're interested, get in touch with me, and tell me what you'd like to share with New World Notes readers.

Rather than specify what I'm looking for, here's a general, non-exclusive list of ideas:

  • A regular column by a Oculus Rift developer
  • Video tutorials by a hands-on VR user
  • Guest posts on a specific VR topic
  • Regular reviews of new VR platforms or VR content
  • In-depth reviews of Second Life's Oculus Rift-compatible viewer, along with reviews of SL content optmized for the Rift

And so on -- at this point I'm open to all kinds of ideas. So get in touch, pitch some ideas, and we'll take it from there.

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Adeon Writer

I'm no blogger, my last name is just a surname, not a verb, after all.

But I'd just like to say that this topical direction is highly relevant to my interests. Best of luck!


I remember this blog providing more coverage for Blue Mars and Cloud Party. Please don't kill VR this early.


BTW I am logged in as Hitomi Tiponi using my Yahoo account - but for some reason your blog thinks I am 'D' - weird.


@D / Hitomi: "Correlation does not imply causation"

If Hamlet could sway trends negatively, his earlier promotion of SL would have killed it off and OpenSim would be the biggest thing since good beer again came to US shores.

Once we get a VR rig light enough to wear without looking like Doctor Horrible, it will a neat tool at the right price point. Whether it is the next iPhone remains to be seen.

Steve Jobs knew what he was doing. I just saw a student fall down flat while trying to walk and text. Others drop their phones into the toilet while "multitasking" (thank God I have not seen that). We are addicted. Will VR do that to enough of us to be really, really big??

Looking forward to Hamlet's coverage.

Hitomi Tiponi

My comment about Hamlet was rather tongue in cheek. But, unlike products like Google Glass, Occulus Rift is not a game changer - it requires a level of kit and a degree of social isolation most will not stomach. It's successors may be successful, but let's not forget that 10 years ago people were saying VR suits were the future.

Pussycat Catnap

Its Hamlet's house here. I think I suggested a bit back that he might as well just start calling the place an Octopus Grift blog... That's where his enthusiasm clearly lies.

Its not where my interest lies, but I'll probably still be here reading until I get bored / distracted.

I'd offer to write something if I had any expertise in any of those areas - but I don't. However I doubt he'll have too much trouble finding people who have interest. Some of the readers here who are keen on the subject might consider tossing a pen into the ring - not a bad place to get started.

Ajax Manatiso

Oculus Rift is much like the segway - yeah cool, yeah technologically advanced, but requires a level of geekery most geeks never achieve

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