Friday, May 09, 2014

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Birdly Flight Simulator for Oculus Rift Thrills & Scares Me

One day very soon we will flap our arms and fly as in our dreams, look:

Birdly - Teaser from maxR on Vimeo

And whole industries will spring up to create at scale machinery to make by the millions the flapping wings, the hydraulic platforms, the customizable scent machines so we can smell flowers in the wind. (Oh yes, this comes with that.) And we will look a touch ridiculous, all sprawled on these things with mouths agape, but at the same time, we won't care. And if we don't care about that, what else in the world won't we care about, once we get all strapped in?

Birdly VR oculus rift

That said, read more about this device here and visit its makers here.

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Arcadia Codesmith

We muddle through the necessities of daily living despite a plethora of available distractions. I don't imagine a flappy simulator will change thngs much.

We might be in slightly better shape working those hydraulics, though.


I actually prefer the Kate Winslet method where you stand on bow of the Titanic strapped to Leonardo DiCaprio.

He really knew how to make a girl fly.

The Tier Is Too Damn High Party

I'll wait until the simulator called Sexly comes out


Although the experience might be interesting, the sight of this guy insensible to reality on the table is disturbing.

I can only see this device taking off after a big theme park, Universal or Disney, makes good ride applications for it. Their contracts could make the device cheaper than $300 for the average person. Which, lets face it, is beyond the means of most people.

elizabeth (irihapeti)

i am waiting for the neck socket version of the game to come out. I got dibs on Neonette as my nick (:

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