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Friday, May 23, 2014


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Okay, for all my snark about the Occulus Rift, let me stand my snark (and Palmer Luckey's claim) on its head.

Perhaps the world would be better if Westerners used more VR. We'd consume fewer resources that go into the latest "expensive consumer item" we "need."

Since the Western consumerist culture is wrecking the biosphere, there may be something here to consider.


Oculus Rift may be a fun experience for a lot of people, but let's not eat the vomit that this technology is somehow intended to lift the downtrodden of humanity. It's just another pay-to-play technological addiction to numb out the worst this world has to offer. It's a narcotic, not a cure.

It will certainly make the pushers lives richer and the users will get their fix. They will get to see all kinds of pretty colors and shiny moving things until it's time to pay up again.

Those who are truly in need of a better world will still be guaranteed their 24/7 real life hell.


if morality cant be bought for 2$b then is a sad world

q; (:

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