Tuesday, May 06, 2014

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Pharrell's "Happy" in Second Life Makes Me Vaguely Glad

I'm often the last person to listen to the latest pop hotness, and consequently, Pharrell's much-loved, much video-memed "Happy" single has only recently ear wormed its way into my head -- so I'm now happy to inflict "Happy" on you too:

This is the best SL version of "Happy" I've seen so far (by Smel Auroline), with a large cast, lots of scene changes, and the all-important inclusion of pogo sticks and bouncing pigs. I'd love to see other versions with more diverse avatars beyond the club kid variety:

After all, a lot of the charm of Pharrell's original video is the wide variety of folks (all races, sizes, styles) getting happy. So where all my robot furry vampire commando fairies getting happy to "Happy" at?

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Inara Pey

Jupi Shinn offers a simply superb version, animations beautifully matched to the song and beat. Just watch the hand claps.



Another version here, Enjoy! :-)


Here is my version I released today :D

It include about 90+ people, old, children, furries and dragons at places like Builder's Brewery, Luskwood, Hollywood Airport, Toby's Juke Joint and more :D


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