Monday, May 12, 2014

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Change Up Your Skybox With This Free Mesh Loft from Second Life Brand Trompe L'Oeil

Janine "Iris Ophelia" Hawkins' ongoing review of gaming and virtual world style

If you're looking to revamp your virtual homestead, you might want to consider this industrial loft from SL brand Trompe L'Oeil. Designer Cory Edo is widely known for her realistic and highly-detailed mesh builds, and this one is no exception. Better still, you don't even have to pay for it. Here's how to get it for yourself:

The Chatham Loft comes in a light and dark version, both of which you can get for free if you Like Trompe L'Oeil on FaceBook. On the other hand, if you'd prefer to stay FaceBook-free you can still pick up each version for L$250. Given Cory's reputation as a high-end builder, that's an incredibly reasonable price tag.

Visit Trompe L'Oeil in-world [SLURL] to see the Chatham Loft for yourself, or visit their blog to check out all the promotion details.

Mixed reality iris 2013Iris Ophelia (@bleatingheart, Janine Hawkins IRL) has been featured in the New York Times, and has spoken about SL-based design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan and with pop culture/fashion maven Johanna Blakley.</


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Pussycat Catnap

Cory's stuff is usually very well done and sporting nice features for a modest cost.

The Trompe Loeil brand is a regular sight at faMeshed and Collabra88. I've mostly paid attention to the furniture - but the buildings are also top notch and you can spot them rezzed in a number of places around SL.

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