Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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This Watch_Dogs-Inspired Second Life Cosplay Looks as Good as the Game It's Based On

Zeke Jestyr Watch DogsJanine "Iris Ophelia" Hawkins' ongoing review of gaming and virtual world style

You would be forgiven if you mistook Zeke Jestyr's latest picture (shown on the left) for a screenshot from Ubisoft's Watch_Dogs, which was officially released today. With a gun in one hand, a smartphone in the other, a not-so-iconic cap on his head and a slightly more iconic coat enveloping his avatar, Zeke's practically indistinguishable from gruff and grouchy protagonist Aiden Pearce. It's yet another interesting example of avatar-based cosplay, not to mention high-quality post-processing.

Even if reviews for Watch_Dogs itself are mixed, I feel pretty comfortable giving this picture at least a 9/10. View it full-size and find out how to recreate the look yourself on Zeke's blog, Just Jestyr.

(Hat tip: Anemysk Karu)

Mixed reality iris 2013Iris Ophelia (@bleatingheart, Janine Hawkins IRL) has been featured in the New York Times, and has spoken about SL-based design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan and with pop culture/fashion maven Johanna Blakley.</


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