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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


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I must admit I had the same reaction watching the first advert, pretty graphics and violence, the only thing that actually peeked my interest was the fact it's taking place during the french revolution. I don't why in the first advert the assassin's don't seem to come across as noble warriors fighting the good fight sacrificing their lives for a transcendent cause, but a load of marketers cashing in fight/flight responses and immature lusts for power.

I do hope they mix it up with the franchise, the pirate dynamic in the black flag was awesome and made up for the somewhat boring storyline, the fact you could go exploring around the caribbean, climb on famous buildings was it's biggest strength.

I don't really have issue with violence per se more the way it is expressed or betrayed. I had a similar thing with game of thrones where for me it felt really soulful and meaningful to begin with and and then slowly the more I watched it I got jaded with the gratuitous shock factor of the violence.

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