Saturday, July 12, 2014

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Do You Want to Know What AM Radio Looks Like IRL?


When I sent Polygon my profile of the man behind AM Radio, I also sent the editors the photo I took of him during our first real life meeting in Austin. That image never made it to the final edition that's now online, so I was about to just post it right here on New World Notes.

Then a thought hit me: While there's many SLers who've been curious to know what AM Radio looks like in real life, there's probably as many who prefer only to know him as his avatar, as pictured above. Because his avatar identity is so finely crafted, and integrated with his virtual art installations, it's likely that that's the case. I personally was fascinated to meet him in real life -- and to also contrast both of his identities while we were hanging out in the flesh.

So, a compromise: I put my photo of AM Radio's owner after the break, along with the photo that provoked Patton Oswalt to crack wise about the rock star he resembled; if you want to see them, click on, click on:

AM Radio Second Life artist

"[While his] work as AM Radio is behind him, the person I meet in Austin still reflects the changes his avatar has bestowed on him... as we talk, spectacularly attractive women in cowboy boots and skintight jeans, there for SXSW, keep giving [him] sidelong looks as they pass, perusing his long hair and self-assured air, likely wondering what rock star he must surely be. And while they do, [he] tells about the end of his Second Life career." Read the rest here.

AM Radio pic by Isolde.

"Now with the real-world confidence he gained from being AM Radio, he's also succeeded as a leader in his company, even heading the team that created a civic data system that won a Webby award last year. Berg was at the ceremony to accept it. 'I was up on the same stage as Jerry Seinfeld and Kevin Spacey and also got made fun of by Patton Oswalt in front of a thousand people, which was actually a lot of fun.'" Read the rest here.

Photo of AM Radio by Isolde Flamand.

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Ziki Questi

I'm not sure that it's been THAT much of a secret who AM is — he's been very open about it on his tumblr for a very long time, and it's also a great place to see some of his other creative work —
And it includes images that SL admirers would appreciate, for example and

AM Radio

I had shown images of myself in world by 2008, and I know screen grabs of some of those images that I threw on a prim were making the rounds even then. The disclosure of myself has been careful steps.

I look at it this way. The unsure dirt road that led to my real life, braved by the most kind hearts and tenaciously curious is finally paved.


Great to see you :) I am glad your great pieces of work are still talked about and awesome to see how things are evolving for you :)
Those were special times in SL for all of us.

Adeon Writer

I feel like I missed out on a huge part of SL by missing out on your earlier work. Your name has been echoed around since I joined in 2007.

Count Burks

AM Radio one day you might return, you will see when.

Deoridhe Quandry

I still sometimes wish I could visit the Quiet when I'm feeling disquieted. I only did one photoshoot there, and I've always kind of wished I'd done more.

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