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Monday, July 07, 2014


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Such an awesome article I couldn't agree more. All my favourite games main focus, or at least my focus of pleasure from them are from games that have a more nurturing or emotional depth to them. The Sims, Final Fantasy (you can argue there's plenty of violence but for me it pales in comparison to the joy of being in a beautifully imagined environment and story), Spore (before you are forced to engage in tribal warfare), Rayman (again yes it was violence but the pleasure was from the art work, it felt like play). Even recently the rather simple game 'Banished', which is slow, the challenge is to balance all the dynamics of creating a thriving village rather than battling some outside force. Even in a game like FarCry or SkyRim, I much more enjoyed the free open experience of exploring the world to the actual missions and fighting, generally.

I much prefer a game that feels like playful positivity, losing myself in the experience rather than a goal oriented fight or flight kind of one. I enjoy the latter but the gaming industry is just rife with it. Are there any bloggers or other sources of internet information that will highlight such games? I would love that, I know new world notes does a pretty good job of it but I was wondering if people knew of more.


I think it comes down to two mind sets the feminine mindset and the masculinist one that is all about the right of passage of violence to prove manhood, and the nurturing communal sensibilities of the feminine essence, unfortunately, in this world 14 year old boys (a demographic I have nothing in common with as well, therefore, I don't consider my self a "gamer")outspend adults and girls of the same age on video games and paraphernalia two to one, and as a result the gaming industry chases that dollar. That is why when VR finally takes off, many are gonna be at a loss once the concept of gaming is obsolete, with the future geared more towards experiences, education, and exploration of the virtual dimensions.

The Tier Is Too Damn High Party

I like both, depending on my mood.

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