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Monday, July 07, 2014


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CronoCloud Creeggan

Hamlet wrote: "for in this upcoming, procedurally generated PC game"

You mean "This upcoming, procedurally generated PS4 game." because as of right now the PS4 is the only platform it's actually been confirmed for and it was shown at Sony's press event at E3 this year.


The Verge article mentions the writer playing it with a PS4 controller, though it's assumed it will also be on PC.

And yes, I"m looking forward to it as well as Drifter, another procedurally based space game coming to the PS4 (and Vita)

Wagner James Au

Doh, fixed, thanks. There's talk of it being cross-platform, but atm it's PS4 only.

Iris Ophelia

It will be on PC. They've said “we’re doing a console debut on PS4" which generally in these circumstances means that among consoles it will be on the PS4 only for a while, but ALSO on the PC. It's not even a question really, as they've talked about mod support and that's not really possible on any console.

More often than not "console exclusive" just means exclusive among the consoles, and not TO them.

CronoCloud Creeggan


Yeah they "want" to do it on PC, but Hello Games has said they're a small studio and they're focusing on the PS4 right now.


I don't know how what is essentially an MMO will support mods. Maybe UI mods?

Iris wrote: More often than not "console exclusive" just means exclusive among the consoles, and not TO them.

True, its probably a matter of when and not if, but for now it is PS4 exclusive. What I figure is they'll do the PS4 version, and then work on it for PC for a bit and then release that.

Just pick up a PS4, Iris. ;-) I think you'd like the integrated twitch and ustream.

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