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Monday, July 21, 2014


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Arcadia Codesmith

The days when everybody paid the same price and got essentially the same game experience appear to be rapidly receding. These days you can get a vast amount of entertainment for free, but if you want the full experience, you'll pay a premium for it.

I think Second Life may have contributed to the problem early on, by proving that you could give a base service away for free and still get a handful of elites to subsidize it for everybody else and make the payments on your new Beemer. All you had to do was give them access to virtual goodies that nobody else had.

Regardless of whether SL had any measurable influence, it looks like EA is embracing the paradigm with enthusiasm. They can and will do anything that enhances their revenue stream. Whether it contributes to a caste system of gaming haves and have-nots is (at least in their eyes) not their problem.

Kitty Revolver

This is why the game will likely be hard to mod and import cc.

EA is targeting the teens and tweens that play on iPads and smartphones. They are used to paying for small cheap items and add-ons, so by extending The Store into the actual game, which they already did in the Sims 3, they are making lots of money on small items that rack up and into premium accounts. Given all this bs, I won't be playing 4. I like the guided action of the game, but for the type of relationship I have with 3 (very very abusive) and will be nicked and dimed I will pass. #forgive #neverforget

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