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Thursday, July 10, 2014


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Magnet Homewood

Thanks for showing this, it looks awesome. I played Oblivion, and didn't really feel like 'going back' a step to play Morrowind, but if they can get the world made, and then get some quests made, then I will try this out for sure.


OMG how pretty! I'm definitely going to have to find it in world.

Chris J. Theseus

It would be a big money maker if BETHESDA really did remake ALL the older games with a modern PS/4 - XBOX One - Modern 2013 PC specs.

SKYRIM made them a mountain of money, and risking burn-out, they could up convert or rebuild the old games, and hey, add in 3 or 5 DLC modules to the new versions: That would bring on the fans who love the old games, and also interest the new gamers with new content.

ES:On-line is great for people who love MMOs,
but the fan base of Elder Scrolls grew up on stand alone games...

It would be cool to be able to upload your character stats from the stand alone games to get converted and get you into ESO. Now I'm just asking for the world, sorry!

YES- remake all of them modern style 2014 tech.
Make 2 or 3 more mountains of cash...


Bethesda Success is resumed in one sentence.
building tools (tes)and free Custom content.
i know cause i made a few mods for Morrowind, Oblivion and even fallout 3 and was a ctive tester and mod user.
Don't know if the consoles have the freedom of the computers on that chapter.

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