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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


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Following the recent changes in Second Life content market, term "User-generated" should replaced with "User-uploaded".

Arcadia Codesmith

"Any well-adjusted person would concede defeat in minutes."

Oh dear. If they bail out after a few minutes, they haven't adjusted well at all, have they?

Yes, the whole interface and new user experience desperately needs to be farmed out to a team of MMO design veterans to be rebuilt from the ground up.

I'm just quibbling over the terminology, which is rather dependent upon one's point of view.


Oh! If I may: The essay was first written in 2010 and published in Kill Screen Magazine in 2011.

This is actually something that will come up in the afterword, but yeah, in the 4+ years since, the UI really has been polished. The prefabricated avatars are great, and I feel like a brand-new user, today, right now, would have it waaaay easier, negotiating her first week of SL. I'm almost jealous!

NeoBokrug Elytis

@Jenn Do you happen to know where I could purchase the magazine with the original article? I'm having a bit of trouble tracking it down, I figure you may know best.

Also, come back and visit us some time. ;)
A lot has changed, for the better.

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