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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


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Paypabak Writer

Thanks, Hamlet! "I should have followed my own advice" is a good place to go. Sometimes a blogger throws something out there to keep the post count going, needs an angle that is different, and behold the birth of a shitstorm. We've all been there.

There is a point buried in your post about having a good guide when you are writing about any location that is huge and hard to navigate. A year or so ago we all bemoaned the fact that some writer didn't bother with such a help and wrote an execrable article about SL.

Ziki Quest deserved a pat on the back from you because you are a prominent SL commentator. Instead it was a left-handed, underthrown compliment.

Dark Draxtor™

Its called balanced journalism,something you have always tried to achieve & the one of the reasons we all come back to read new articles.

Shockwave Yareach

I personally think that any attempt to give the grid a nice coat of paint is silly. When we have sims unable to handle 50 visitors, borders you cannot drive through properly, and a infrastructure so readily wrecked that longtime sim owners (ref: SS Galaxy) are giving up and abandoning thousands and thousands of dollars invested, no amount of whitewash can hide the ruin that our wise overlords have made of their wonderland. And it is pointless to show off something when we have so little to be proud of.

sweet valentine

if people are only going into SL for sex that is what they will find...if you go into Sl to experience a whole new diverse world you will find it...art..music..dance shows...dramatic production...visual particle poetry...education...games ..treasure hunts..role playing...history..creative talents from across the world with all the unique creations.... it amazes me every day....sex is a very very small part of SL....but if that's what people are looking for they will find it ..just like any other part of the internet...its sad that is all it gets media coverage for

zz bottom

Sadly media is even worse on real life, trying to level all to a dumbness status.


How much time do you spend in world on average per week these days?


Yup - thought so.......

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