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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


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Kitty Revolver

Considering I was a blogger for about 2.5 years, my outfit changed daily if not multiple times a day. As for the house, I lost the time and patience with uber-decorating a few years ago with The Sims 3, I had a huge CC folder and never used half of it. In SL, though all of those cups and food items became gatcha fodder. Yes 25$L per play, but of course my land would eat up the no copy items and of course I would have to get the rare, which would be in the middle of 30 common items. Plus no one came over to my place so I would end up standing in my studio most of the time or over at my friend's place, so decorating became pointless. Also, my mac would slow down SL really bad with all that mesh with all the proper shaders on. Frankly, I think I lost the will because my own places never looked the way that other's seem to capture so brilliantly so I stopped caring. I never had the amazing system that worked well with SL or the time to invest in that kind of experience.



CronoCloud Creeggan

The answer to that question is fairly obvious for me. (Most anyone who knows me in SL, already knows my answer.)

As I sometimes say. "Changing outfits, it is what I do." In fact it's usually the first thing I do upon logging into SL each session. Though I must admit I actually shop less than some of my friends think I do. I spend more time talking about shopping than actually shopping.

But yes, my avatar's appearance is important to me.

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