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Friday, August 07, 2015


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Graham Mills

Apparently this is what constitutes cutting edge cover design at the moment. I note that Palmer has his tongue firmly in his cheek.

My guess is that high-end VR is going to be the province of those enthusiasts with the necessary hardware readily to hand. Mass adoption may be some time in the future when this cover is long forgotten.


So how many times do enthusiasts need to be dunked headfirst in the Trough before their curb their enthusiasm?

I was so hyped for virtual worlds in 2007-8. Remember that Business Week cover about Anshe Chung? I am sure the guffaws would be just as loud now, except there are even fewer magazine readers. I don't even see Time any more in checkout lines.

Should have learned in 69-70, when the promised Moon Base and Mars mission went bust. But I did not. Here's to the Trough!

Graham Mills

Not sure how noteworthy it is in this context but the educational use of virtual environments/worlds has been on the Slope for two consecutive years now.

Graham Mills

Incidentally I like that there are new bloggers from outside the virtual world domain, albeit that some topics seem familiar. Robert McGregor, for example, has a go at VR's nomenclature problem http://id-r-mcgregor.blogspot.co.uk/2015/08/the-myth-of-virtual-reality.html



thanks ever so much linking that Robert McGregor. I never heard of him before

in a previous article: Ballroom Dancing, he just won the internets

for real


whoever builds a 3D world platform based on Murmurs (as he has so simply stated it to be) will defo win the internets. I am agree with him about this

is very exciting to now know exactly what it is that people do actual want, and how it can be made

is amazing what he wrote. Murmurs

Adeon Writer

I love the cover. I think they know VR full well. This picture, is super silly, but it's important.

Yes, you look freaking dumb while you wear a pair of VR goggles. And the experience is so amazing, you won't care.

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