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Monday, November 02, 2015


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FB should be charged. Blackmailing people to get their own possessions back. Some shocking stories out there.
I remember when we were told not to use our real Identities on-line.

Sunbeam Magic

HI I recently too was banned from using my 'Avatar' account name on FB "Lovin Virtualworldz - Sunbeam Magi".. I sent emails (with no reply) explaining I want to keep the two (my real family account name with pictures of my grandkids) completely separate. I told I still see their advertisements and as a human behind the Avatar name I am still viable person. NO REPLY of course. I have many true 'avatar' friends having had this account maybe seven or eight years. It's a real shame they feel the need to discriminate against us Avatars. Wish I could get back in but I will not give the real name as I do not want a stalker or some one who has griefed me or decided they don't like me to have access to that. I am so saddened by this!

Ice Petal

I used my real name and FB locked my account, requiring extensive and invasive personal information to unlock it again. since I don't need FB to stay keep up, I declined, happily. FB policies are both invasive and punitive and I can't see a need to comply just to put more spondolicks in Zuckerberg's pockets.


Facebook does not want you unless they can sell your identity and behavior bits to advertisers. Untracked people just clutter up the data. Google this: Get your loved ones off Facebook. It will explain everything.

When Facebook buys Sansar there are going to be a lot of unhappy avatars.

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