Friday, January 08, 2016

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Impressive Second Life Machinima Merges Great Visual Effects With Alan Watts

Winner of a University of Western Australia creativity contest, "Pursue Impossible" by Kobuk Farshore is a fantastic montage of Second Life imagery merged to snippets of a lecture by the late great American Buddhist Alan Watts. According to Mr. Farshore's write-up, he actually sought permission to use the audio excerpt from Watts' son Mark. And unsurprisingly, the production was pretty challenging. Consider how he did the outfit change shot at the end:

SL machinima

As with most things, the set-up took much longer than filming the actual scene. I made 14 or 15 outfits and then used my laptop to change them while having an alt logged in on my desktop to film. This made sure my camera didn't get messed up. For each outfit I took five or six shots, nudging the camera a tiny bit to the left for each one while simultaneously nudging the shadows a little to the right. This gave me about 75 - 80 frames to drop into Premiere... and I was really dubious about it actually working until I saw the result.

Much more about the production on Farshore's Vimeo page.

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Barbara Thomas

I think Ms Farshore is a she, not a he. Wonderful machinima!

Cube Republic

Nicely done, great edits.

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