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Thursday, March 10, 2016


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Tell me, was Scoble fully clothed during this conversation, or was wearing an oculus rift while standing in a shower, extolling the virtues of VR?

Scoble is a geek and obviously loves his toys - but as we saw with Google Glass, we shouldn't pay much attention to his exuberant recommendations of technology.

There may indeed be something to VR, and it may have a shiny future, but I'm not going to take Robert Scoble's word on it.


He only considers Second Life a failure because women took it over and turned it into a hang-out/garden party.

Hey Dude? Where is my dystopia?

Well He is going to get it now. And without us females. He should be so happy.

Lemon Panda

Erm, far as I can tell Second Life hasn't failed. Linden Labs is still making money and so are a vast number of content creators. And dude seriously if people think they want to wear a VR headset for hours upon hours a day, they will have an other think coming as soon as they try it. Some people like the freedom of NOT being tethered to a headset so that rl can still happen around them.

CronoCloud Creeggan

People might "light up" when shown VR, but that doesn't mean they'll want to spend the money when you tell them the price, or want to spend large amounts of time using it.

Think of all those Wii's that were bought by people who "lit up" when shown one, bought one and then it sat idle except for holiday get togethers.


Scooby (and the other evangelists) will fiddle with their headset while democracy burns around them.

Have fun.

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