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Monday, April 25, 2016


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Brookston Holiday

Fan-fucking-tastic! And I'm 99% sure the wood floor texture is one I designed :)

Beev Fallen

Brookston Holiday, diffuse texture for the floor was a freebie from DT textures, but I made bump / specular for it.

Brookston Holiday

My bad. Thought it was this: https://slm-assets3.secondlife.com/assets/12059231/lightbox/ProMaterials_Ad_Wide_Parquet_3.jpg?1438209942

Awesome movie Beev! Great lighting

alysa iliana

In structured light (SL) systems, a projector illuminates a scene or an object with special patterns that are then captured by one or several cameras.
Visit https://www.thenetworkhardware.com/projectors for original post date.

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