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Friday, April 29, 2016


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Feel exactly the same.
On the graphics. I hope the lab learn something when working on Sansar and get a shader system to SL. For everyone to use. Will up the graphics even more.

Patty Tisane

"Le Monde" article was quite well seen in France, I think, but was not possible to write all the sl world offers, as usual, it needs more and more , because we have all our own perception...


Minecraft is a big thing. No one faults its graphics.

Community made SL what it has been, jokes all all. Community could keep it vital still. It runs fine and looks good on my laptop, too, with Firestorm.

Orca Flotta

Honestly now, who gives a flying wet towel about what some journos scribble? They know nothing, they have no insight, they are even more confused as the SL residency is. SL is a different animal for every user. And that's ok.

Tamar Luminos

I don't understand the whole "SL has outdated graphics" thing. I have a decent, not even close to top of the line computer, and run Firestorm and the graphics are pretty awesome, and the avatars are much prettier than any other game I've ever seen. None of the new "VR platforms" like High Fidelity, etc. have even come close as far as I'm concerned.

Melissa Yeuxdoux

Unfortunately, people are influenced by journalists, however insightless or ignorant. How many Chris Pirillos can we stand?


"How many Chris Pirillos can we stand?"

Um, none?

Adeon Writer

This question again? It's very simple "because no rival has come around to give us something better - Second Life is alone in the niche it fills, and will never go away so long as there is nothing sutable as a replacement"

zz bottom

There is open sim, as a rival, but sadly lacking what it could make it much bigger then SL, fashion quality content.
Or any doubts that if Slink or Matreya would open their shops on kitely, we would see a lot more users there?


SL is only still 'a thing' in the minds of LindenLab management.

It's a dead place, a ghost town, barren and desolate - although LL continues to deny it, all you have to do is log in any time of the day or night and see for yourself.

No matter where you go, you're almost guaranteed to be the only one there.

Kitely looks much better and I'd rather pay a monthly membership fee and know that things are being done properly, than continue to be stuffed around by LL.

Besides, Kitely prices for entire regions (with 100,000 prim allowances) are far, FAR, cheaper than anything LL tries to rip us off with.

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