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Thursday, June 16, 2016


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I did not know they where out. Maybe LL should tell us about new stuff.

Patchouli Woollahra

They've been tinkering with it on the beta grid for ages. they recently blogged on the official LL blog that this would go into trials on the main grid as a project viewer only content type. TPVs will migrate the required code into their own viewers once LL gives the green light to integrate it completely into the standard SL code base.

Adeon Writer

I'm pretty sure the actual reason why there's little to know Bento meshes is that Project Bento isn't technically out yet.

While you can download the Project Bento Project viewer and upload Bento meshes to maingrid, the actual official Second Life viewer can't see them yet. It hasn't been updated.

Aki Shichiroji

You aren't seeing more Bento stuff because it's simply not out yet. No one wants to put in considerable time on minutiae which may ultimately change, requiring small or large revisions.

A little simple digging on the forums will unlock an extensive feedback thread wherein heated discussion concerning facial bones has been ongoing all week. Bento user group meetings are also occurring every Thursday at 1pm pdt at Hippotropolis sim and anyone interested in learning more about the current goings-on for the project really owes it to themselves (and their audience) to at least drop in or read up on the meeting transcripts/notes put out regularly by both Nalates and Inara.

Also, while it is true Bento will require animation to make the best of the new bones, that doesn't mean there won't be a market for generic, rotational animations to be offered, just like how normal human avatar overrides are offered already.


Yes, making a Bento avatar requires the creator to know and understand all aspects of character creation. A team might do the job, but teams require the income to pay for all those members. Not only does making a Bento avatar take skills, but they also take quite a bit of time to make. Depending on how much time a creator has, 1 month for 1 avatar would probably be pretty fast, considering the endlessness of SL creations.

All that said, once the process and workflows are set, some of us will make tutorials on every aspect of making a Bento avatar.

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