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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


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I wish someone who is not easily pleased or wowed simply by the very idea of VR headset virtual reality would point me to one of these "amazing creations" in Hi Fidelity. I honestly do not mean to cause offence to anyone, but when I visit HF all I see is stuff that resembles SL as it was some years back, which was already out of date, and worse than that, the place is pretty much empty. I honestly wish it was the next big thing, I am seriously right now looking for a new social Virtual space to begin again after SL, but HF just seems a long way off at the moment, and in a very short space of time it is going to have it's work cut out not to get steamrollered by Sansar.


@JohnC The resemblance is due to the newness of HF's technologies and tools. To make a rather crude analogy, suppose someone gave you an extremely advanced car that could do things no other car could do. But suppose the steering wheel had been replaced by a pair of joysticks. It would take you a bit of time and learning to drive it better than a regular, old car even, let alone show off its true potential.

So to the outside observer, they might see this advanced car being poorly driven and think, "Well, what's so amazing about that?" to which the reply is, give it time. :)

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