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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


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VR has been Hijacked by the entertainment industry. Where it will be stripped of all social significance except as a cheap thrill machine that everyone has laying around some place.
"Hey you got one of those VR things?" "Yeah, sure, my kid has one, hasn't everyone" "what's it like?" "Yeah, it's a laugh"
The play station headset is immensely significant because, as you say, most people who have any interest in games at all will have one, even if only via their kids. And whereas the average person might be tempted to add to an entertainment machine that they already have, you honestly have to question the sanity of anyone who would spend the amount of money needed right now to get a Vive up and running from scratch just to play mostly retro games and run a few pointless apps. I love the though of Virtual worlds, but I am happy to wait until something of worth emerges out of the primordial VR slime, if it ever does.


Sony is making a dangerous bet. Their costs will be similar to Vive and Oculus. So they hope to make the missing 300$ with software sales. It will be a hell of a ride for them to get enough customers to motivate content providers to invest in VR. And customers will only buy a headset if they believe in the upcoming content...

Adeon Writer

It's really not fair to claim the Gear and Cardboard are so cheap without including the full price of a smartphone.


@adeon: Shouldn't Oculus and Vive then include the price of a VR ready PC?

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