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Wednesday, October 05, 2016


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Amanda Dallin

Kinda like SL mentors but presumably actually paid.


Imagine that, giving money to people who help you out.
Every time I read some piece about Hi Fidelity here I am tempted to go there and give it another go.
It is so easy to give the wrong impression. We live in a world where we assume that “New” means some kind of advance upon that which existed before “New”. The new VR advocates omit to tell us that we have to take a big step backwards initially until technology catches up to the hype.
Hi Fi as it is right now is way to primitive for the “I am a dumb plug it in turn it on user”
But you see, Playstation VR is not. They understand the stupidity of the people they wish to take money from. BTW if you are challenged in any way in un installing software department, then do not install Hi Fi because the sandbox will seem like a virus to the simple mind.


Couldn't they make these greeters smile? Look at the one on the right -- she's saying "STOP! Not a step closer!" lol


And the guy on the left has a dislocated hand, but maybe the idea is for a Halloween zombie invite.


How much do they get paid? At first, reading this, I was cynical, as in "Oh, they'll be paid a pittance in Spacebux until someone pulls the plug."

Then I though of the LL Mentors' program and am willing to give Mr. Rosedale some praise for doing the right thing this time (as in, "pay your help").

Giulio Prisco

How much $$$ do they pay?

Carlos Loff

I do not have the latest computer but I manage to use SL and Opensim on a quality setup quite a bit above average with no LAG on my viewer part

But when I connect to High Fidelity I can't even move my view, not to mention the avatar, how can people help newcomers if they themselves need top high end PCs to start breathing there ???

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