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Friday, October 21, 2016


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Pussycat Catnap

Every year or so I go through the inventory and re-box up old things.

But I also often make lots of little sub-folders.

Looks like I should do that even more.

Despite doing this... one folder I often forget to manage at all is the 'Objects' folder.
- full of all those boxes of "things" and things I took into inventory but didn't get around to dealing with...

I think I will start this advice in that folder.

Marianne McCann


Chic Aeon

I almost never crash even when my inventory was nearing 50,000 (currently 26,000) I was stable.

The queen of subfolders I have been organizing that way since I came out of the pod and sometimes go down five levels (I an not sure THAT is a good plan but so far so good).

If nothing else you will find things you don't need (like the MIA chef's outfit a friend of mine still has) and can lighten the load somewhat. AND it is MUCH easier to find things IMHO.

I haven't used the official viewer in years but I suspect that inventory planning is necessary for all viewers and if it is a trickle down problem, good to be prepared before the code makes it into typist's viewers of choice.

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