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Thursday, November 17, 2016


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Is anyone keeping count of user numbers in Hi Fidelity.

Orca Flotta

Doesn't look like a hot candidate for my must-have list.

sirhc deSantis

Well if you changed the Reality to Media after Mixed - well yeah idea is older than - tricky, at least as old as the BBC micro projects. So why not. If HiFi is going that way - sure. Its a meme that keeps giving. And theres me still with a tear in my eye about the dad uncomfortable in a sea of -teenies- at the boy band concert filming 3d for his daughter who has a cold..best use of it I ever saw. And him underarm dry too.
As to users? Ask them. A rough back of the beer mat calc based on number of regulars in the forum digest (taking into account usual 5% forum minus the ones who lurk participation cross referenced to number of posts versus obvious 'logged in to existing platforms they state they hate' hihi nnnpd as Dad said) gives us somewhere between 2 dozen and 3 billion.
I think I should go in to this political polling lark, seems an easy few marks.


For what it's worth
Although that's just a rough estimate of steam users
It's a shame all these VR companies and platform developers are not a lot more open about user numbers. It wouldn't matter but for the fact they make such silly claims for the popularity of VR. But then again PSVR is going to wipe the floor with the lot of them this Festive season. If anyone is going to open up VR to the general public it will be Sony. the mobile market is a long way from real VR just 360 camera stuff. That advert of the dad filming the concert for his kid, is easily the most effective VR/ 360 VR add out there. It starts to answer the question of ordinary people "why do I need VR in my life" Well there you go, you need it for your kids, sales immediately rocket.

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