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Monday, November 07, 2016


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metacam oh

I wish I could believe it, but from all they say it's not what this guy is describing. Future VR metaverse is not going to be some closed walled off short sighted venture.

Clara Seller

I checked out the article and it was nice to those same pictures we've seen over and over again in different sizes. The video also had some funky music. You can feel the electricity in the air as we all wait for the full released which is maybe expected in March or so.


"while democratizing the industry and exposing it to the mass creativity of the entire planet" I am loosing the will to live.


I wonder how much he got paid by LL for this kind of ass kissing.

Connie Arida

Again you say it will need every owner of a headset to succeed. Where does it say on the tin that Sansar will only work with a VR headset?


It doesn't need to have it written on the tin because every time you see it being demonstrated it is demonstrated by someone wearing a headset. Every time it is spoken about it is described as a VR Experience, democratizing VR. This whole article is based exclusively upon the experiences of the reporter who was invited to experience Sansar while wearing a headset. If he had gone to LL to try Sansar out and there was no headset he would now be reporting that LL had been bullshitting for the past years or so about creating a VR experience that focuses exclusively upon making it easy for the average person to create VR experiences for the VR heaset user. But you are absolutely correct, you do not need a headset to use Sansar. You can also go an a skiing holiday without skis and take surfing lessons without a surf board.

sirhc deSantis

Even has that old fave clip from the office - cutting edge woohoo.
Mind you I wouldn't expect anything but nice raves from that place, whose 'collective' link leads to:

The uploadcollective page :

"The Collective
Coworking, Community, Events
All the resources necessary to boost growth in the emerging tech industry"

2 words starting with 'C' which always make me so joy happy joy - but lists a certain SL founder as a mentor so thats OK then

Orca Flotta

"democratizing the industry and exposing it to the mass creativity of the entire planet."

What a sentence, what a heap of senseless fluff and waffling.

democratizing the industry?
The industry doesn't want anything to do with democracy, as every industry is fascist by design.

mass creativity?
The masses aren't creative, only individuals are. And they'll be creative with or without VR and Sansar. To write stories, to do photographs, to paint paintings, to make clothes, custom bikes, sculptures, operas ... to do all that I don't need any VR nonsense.

the enire planet?
all of us 7 billion Octopus wearing, highly technologically educated and advanced hitec fans with the most powerful computers. Oh yes. I'll let the hungry kids in the sahel zone know about this great VR thing.

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