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Friday, November 04, 2016


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This reminds me of when you go shopping at the super market and find the prices reduced on products that were already over priced. Its not like potential virtual lego costs them anything at all. Even in massively complicated sims with no mesh at all I used to look to keep the count to 10,000 so there was room to expand if need be in the future, by this time the lag was ok but getting sticky, 22,000, with the crap servers SL runs, is just funny. The cost to create anything in SL is simply disgusting, and that is not an opinion, that is a fact. It's the prices they want to drop through the floor, especially charging to upload textures, and what the hell is a setup fee, when you know what it takes to set up a sim you would be ashamed to ask money for doing so.

Han Held

Don't mind if I do....

There's a lot of good grids out there, plus osgrid, but for me the top two are:

hypergrid.org aka "metropolis gird"

3rdrockgrid.com <

Both grids are on the hypergrid.

Lastly; I am one of the owners of "Opensim Everything". Opensim everything is a G+ group dedicated to opensim with a hands-off (except for the biggies -harassment/doxxing etc) approach to moderation. If you've got something to say about opensim -your thoughts, what you're up to, snapshots, etc ...come on over and say your piece. We'd be glad to have you!

The address is:

Han Held

Ah, I messed up my last post ...let me try again.

3rdrockgrid is a mellow, small and tightknit community, not-for-profit and reasonably drama-free. They're an old grid (I think they had the first economy, but I'm not sure) and I like their community so much I purchased two $15 regions there.


Thanks Hamlet,
We are not a grid, but we do have Virtual Reality, and we are in Second Life. We do hypergrid, and are a part of the OSHG community. We don't have any sims, but we do maintain a pretty large database of VR related content. We are made up of Story tellers, filmmakers, Educators. So if ya don't have to own a grid (and I don't any longer), then sure please pass us around, and Thanks for asking.

Argo Nurmi

Since Sansar was announced quite a few of my SL friends who are artists, musicians and SL cultural philanthropists (yes Martha, they do exist) have departed SL or have plans to do so. The closing of so many sims and their departure has me looking for a potential new home too. I think some of us SLers can sympathize with many small town Americans who have watched business after business move out transforming their once hopeful and familiar place a shattered town.

I've been asked to move to Kitely where some part of my old community is going. Also, builders I know have been working in Inworldz. The architecture of high fidelity is intriguing but connecting with that VR now requires overcoming a big learning curve.

If the day comes that I depart SL for good I am going to miss the place. RL celebrities masquerading as noobs at Waterhead, furies, the outworlds that the info hubs became, chat lag, SL railroads, and all the rest. But, what made SL special is the people - the good, bad and ugly, thats what made this virtual world, not its technology. And sometimes you might get to know a little about their 1st life, with all its happiness and tears. Well, in spirit I am 10 SL years old but I was never the same after June 2010.

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