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Friday, December 02, 2016


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Ok. Strange thing. I have stopped using my Oculus for gaming and gone back to my ordinary screen. Only use the headset in Second life nowdays.

Find gaming on the screen more relaxing. It is a new development i could not see myself.

Han Held

There's a wonderful, in-depth write up on hypergrid business about using the dreamworld installer to set up a hypergrid-enabled opensim instance right on your desktop with a minimum of hassle.

For those of you who remember the old sim-on-a-stick program ...dreamworld is much more advanced.

For those who are interested, here's the write up:

Terry B.

I don't have a comment, I actually have several questions that I would like to ask:I would like your honest answers, I can't or will not hold it against you.Maybe this isn't the best way of doing a survey, however, I feel that this is most anonymous form.

Disclaimer: For your safety and privacy, this will not be shared publicly. Nor will it go on any social, tv media, or classroom setting. I won’t ask for your name or any other identifiable information, just name age, ethnic group, and gender. This information will only be shared with my professor.
Ethnic Group______
Identified Male Gender only ________
1. If your son or daughter brought home someone from a different ethnic group, you would welcome her or him in. (Agree) or (Disagree)
2. If you had the opportunity to choose a mate for your child, you would choose someone who looked like them. (Agree) or (Disagree)
3. You would have dated your mate even if this person was a different ethnic group than you. (Agree) or (Disagree)
4. There was an event (offense or bad experience) that caused you not to consider other ethnic groups? (Agree) or (Disagree)
5. Someone or something drove you to preferring a certain ethnic group? (Agree) or (Disagree)
1. Your group of friends are diverse, (Agree) or (Disagree)
2. You are drawn to people who look like you, (Agree) or (Disagree?
3. Would you feel free to be yourself if your closest buddies were of different racial group? (Agree or Disagree)
4. You were free to be friends with anyone in high school? (Agree) or (Disagree)
1. You consider yourself a republican. (Agree) or (Disagree)
2. You consider yourself a democrat. (Agree) or (Disagree)
3. You support the LGBTQ agenda. (Agree) or (Disagree)
4. You are more of a liberal. (Agree) or (Disagree)
Personal life
1. You don’t mind if your doctor looked different than you. (Agree) or (Disagree)
2. You are “ok” if you needed a donor and you found out they were of a different ethnic group than you. (Agree) or (Disagree)
3. If you found out that your neighbor is of a marginalized race, and you’re good with that.
(Agree) or (Disagree)
4. You have joined a club and you find out that you are the only person of your ethnicity group, you decided to leave. (Agree) or (Disagree)

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