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Monday, December 05, 2016


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Oh, breathing techniques. I recently remember research on breathing having something good (or was it bad?) changes to people. I mean, besides staying alive via respiration. I can't remember anything about it though, but quick web search shows me other "games" with breathing used and they are good for people.

So, sounds like they do have the makings of a killer app sort of thing. New games, games that help people feel better. Xanex in VR form is what they say at engaget.com. Can't argue with that, people do purchase much health books, equipment, memberships and addiction to xanex has sent people to jail it has so much demand. Rehab is an earner maybe? Not sure, but there is a market for it and this sounds like something very interesting.

Cool underwater game though, I remember a PS1 game that had this relaxing acoustic guitar track and was all underwater I think. Exploring, different than running and all the slow easy movement is maybe relaxing. A great set-up for a shark attack if you ask me, so a bit of horror thrown in just to keep you awake maybe? :P

Peter son

A cool underwater game which would eventual makes us forget about VR games.Recently got this app from vshare app store. Its amazing. Thanks for providing this game.

Pallavi Singh

yes, I do agree with you

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