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Wednesday, December 21, 2016


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SL is still very awkward to control, and adults don't have the time or patience to figure out non-standard basic movement. Make the controls same as any FPS out there and people won't have that barrier.

" Why do teens and young adults interested in virtual worlds not jump into Second Life when they get older?"


One must not underestimate the “game” factor. 99.999999999 of people have no concept at all of a virtual world being anything more than a game. Something they do for short periods between real life, like Monopoly. The core of SL, or any real virtual world, is not about playing anything. It is about living another life in a virtual world. Waits for laughter of the masses to die down. The reality of a virtual life is unknown to the vast majority. I was a great fan of Lego when I was kid way back in the early 1960's. To call any product based upon it, a virtual world, is a kind of travesty IMHO

Aliasi Stonebender

I really think these continual comparisons do neither the thing compared nor Second Life much good.

Hell, I wasn't really sure during the big media blitz SL was getting the right sort of attention, but these continual comparisons make me think of trying to compare, say, World of Warcraft to EVE Online - or for something even more niche, A Tale In The Desert - and claiming that they're doing something wrong because they don't have the same millions of subscribers, while ignoring many of the people who play EVE or TitD would never, ever want to play World of Warcraft.

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