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Friday, December 16, 2016


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I joined this club. You have to pay to get in, great idea who wants all those loony noobs around. Anyway, it is full of all the top Avatars all wearing the latest and greatest mesh bodies etc, etc. I stand there ages, and ages and see nothing, just piles of mismatched mesh. Honestly, you have to understand this, forget all this advanced stuff. It is a joke. The people who create it, do so in a place disconnected from the reality of SL. I am sick of it being promoted as if it actually works. No one can see these super subtle things!

Madeline blackbart

Not sure what John is talking about (bit of a nonsensical rant there. Club? What?) but Beto works really well. On top of that it saves on the number of models you need to create animations Iike tails which is great for rendering purposes. It also opens the door for different types of avatars that were difficult or impossible before like centaurs. So don't "ignore the advanced stuff" it's not "super subtle" since I don't see how an elephant or a centaur is exactly subtle. Haha.


I am sure your comment would have worked just as well without mentioning me, but then some people see anything they disagree with as a rant. I see crowds of avatars imagining that they look fantastic in their new all mesh forms, because they rez fine on their own screens. But to a vast majority of people in SL, including those on higher end machines, they just look like a pile of junk stacked randomly. Only in SL is this slow, sometime never ending, process of rendering sims and Avatars while the player stands in world, considered acceptable. Anyplace else it would be considered a serious flaw in the software. Maybe Bento is supposed to be a step towards solving that problem.
All very pretty in screen shots but not very practical in world IMHO, or rant take it as you will :)

Jeroen Frans

You are correct John, Bento should have some improvement. Right now, the current heads, often have multiple layers of mesh on them, to slowly fade in and out different facial expressions. All those extra layer slow things down. With Bento it is just one mesh head and small animation file that loads on demand.

Similarly, avatars with wings and tails, that move and flap. Those often have a dozen hidden wings that are only shown when during flight, etc. We can get rid of that redundant stuff with Bento, and just have a single model and small animation files.


Unfortunately, the more advanced SL becomes graphically, the narrower the market also becomes. More and more now you hear fewer and fewer elitist brand names, those who have realized that, even though SL is failing in many areas, the fashion doll market is still as vibrant as ever. Now, if you have any pride at all in your appearance, you must buy into the elitist mesh body scene, and Bento feeds this particular market. If LL were anything more than a commercial money making machine they would at the same time as releasing new tools, also release new products free for their users to experience these new advances. But instead we wait for the top producers to create new products that we must pay for to experience the new advances. I am aware I am not expressing this very well, and if you are just having a great time in SL and don't give a shit about the cost, then I am just on another rant. So, everything that LL offers to their users should be available first for free, and I mean top quality examples. Then if users wish to improve upon it, and sell their products, then fine. At the moment LL simply feed their cash cows to fleece us all, and Sansar is waiting to do it all again.

Madeline blackbart

Actually John I called it a rant because it wasn't very coherently written and not because I don't agree. I can agree with some of your later clearer written point. Yes sl loads to slowly as one would expect a game engine as old as sl to do. But bento is a genuine improvement because as a previous poster pointed out it eliminates excess models.

Madeline blackbart

Also I'm not sure how calling people who use these newbies helps really. In all fairness mesh clothing is an improvement on the sculpts as they are more resource efficient when done right the sculpts. That said you can t lay blame entirely on the new tech as some of the issue is the creators sadly. Many of whom I've seen think high poly is a selling point.

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