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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


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John Mahon

I expect to use both equally


I may visit, but doubt I will make it a regular thing until they have enough content and communication capability to rival SecondLife.

Raven Walls

I plan on visiting, but I won't spend the $$$ to buy VR equipment to use on a daily basis. I will stay in Second Life.

sirhc deSantis

Already been (pre pre alpha? I lose track) but not got the horses to play with the newer version so - does that count? Follow the news but it seems to not tick many boxes for me. Aimed at a different target (lack of text for one) but seem to be getting some things almost right - the 'personal space bubble' for example. Now thats a feature I could use in RL.

To Lord, On content : well, they seem to have teamed up with a model library I never heard of, claiming 50k+ bits of stuff (the model place claims 100k+ bits + same number of creators.... had a quick look and amazing how many views of a Tiger you can have and all with a link to another ahem 'site') so that could be interesting.


Already tried. But I found it unrewarding perhaps, because I don't have VR goggles. For a while my space navigator worked, then it didn't , then it did, then it didn't again and there it has rested. I never encountered anybody, which was probably a good thing, as I was so clumsy and uncoordinated, I felt like the worst of newbies. I never had a significant payoff and stopped trying very often.

I will keep a watching brief but won't be buying hi grade system and VR gear just to visit these sparsely populated worlds.

Han Held

Been there, done that; they lost me when they dumped localchat.

Facebricks are stupid AF so I have no interest in following where they're going.


I literally couldn't get into this site ages ago when I tried. Never did anything about it. I did register a user name, but it was the viewer or something that wouldn't load. I've been meaning to try it again. Love Second Life, but the newer grids interest me as well.


My Oculus Rift was bought with the hope of using it in SL. I have visited HiFidelity in the past but wasn't impressed. I will try again and if there is sufficient content,return regularly.

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