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Friday, January 20, 2017


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Oh dear! maybe a few pointers from a current SL resident with over a decade in like myself!

1) When someone has a cashout 'DO NOT' ignore it 14 days then cancel it!

2) After spending ten's of thousands over a decade on land,clothing and other things how about not treating me like a scammer once a call is made to customer service to try to resolve the issue.

3)If someone is offering to fill out any needed tax papers/forms for cashing out while registered as a real business how about not refusing this so the person cannot cash out further.
I can provide them anything they need, they just don't want to give me my marketplace earnings.

4) Smaller creators lives matter too!!! we cannot all be the next blueberry or the other 400 special snowflakes in sansar!

5) If you totally screw-over a creator in SL what has changed for them in Sansar?

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