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Monday, January 30, 2017


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Give 2017 a chance, this is the year all the big VR games are coming out. That will do wonders for VR adoption.

Carlos Loff

A simple Playstation 4 unit offers a lot for less than what it costs the VR, not mentioning you have to buy the camera separately and is not cheap - The VR hype is becoming ridiculous and right now is only fed by sales folks - Ridiculous because they are all spreading expensive Ferraries and there are not even basic roads, more the less highways where to drive them - Bring many and good content and than sell the damm googles


This makes no sense. How can sales be underwhelming when it's sold out and literally impossible to get even in Sony's home country Japan? We'll see how the sales numbers line up once the units are actually available to buyers.

Wagner J Au

"How can sales be underwhelming when it's sold out and literally impossible to get even in Sony's home country Japan?"

Could be Sony under-produced units that are localized for the Japanese market. We do know Sony is saying sales had a "slow start" and refusing to give concrete numbers - rarely a good sign.

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