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Friday, January 20, 2017


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Maggie Darwin

Sorry. I've followed this blog since joining SecondLife in 2007. I bought and read your book. I've found your writing interesting, and an invaluable resource on the history of SL.

This lefty drivel is the end of the line.


Clara Seller

The American people are really having a number played on them right now. It's not that we are heading into some uncharted horror, we're just doing it without training wheels and a smooth-talking placebo to make us think that everything is just fine. I'm glad people are resisting. Let's just not pretend that one man has this much power. They've been greasing us up for a long time and we're just waking up to the fact that it hurts.


This Leftie hopes the door does not hit you on the way out, Maggie.

The Darkness has come down. Now we fight.


Urmericah Fuck yeah.

Let's make it great again folks. Out with Barry and in with the Don.

Madeline blackbart

If my eyes could roll any further at the title of this article they might fall out of my head. Oh brother. There's not more hate in the world then there ever was. Trump isn't some Kong he's a president just as Obama was. This over dramatic crap is just painful to listen to all the time. Can ergo back to discussing second life like this blog was supposed to be about? I'm kinda tired of the you don't agree with me you must be evil retorec all the time.

Madeline blackbart

Pops please excuse my typos in typing Gina phone haha.

ChiTown Streeter

There is something mentally ill with leftists. They talk about loving everybody, but then they loot, destroy property and attack people that don't agree with them. I am tired of hearing about pussy hats and other crazy pranks. I can find that on a real life site anytime.


Whatever keeps SL relevant keeps SL relevant.

I can't help but think you guys were lucky that what the lefties represent did not win the election. The aftermath really made them look ugly.. :o

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