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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


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Clara Seller

I pretty much agree with Hamlet. Maybe realistic avatar appearance and expression will help with some things, but I think abuse is a problem much broader than appearance and anonymity. Everyone has different experiences, but I never walked around feeling abused by the world. Sometimes it's the people you are closest to and most open with that can be the most abusive.

Amanda Dallin

Tying RL identities to the avatars would probably lessen harassment in VR but it would also chase some of us out of VR due to the RL harassment that would result.

Avatar realism will likely make harassing more enjoyable for the harassers. It's naive to think harassers just don't understand the affects of their actions.

sirhc deSantis

'Tying RL identities to an av' is not what this twonk is on about though :) It seems to think that realistic avs that look like the wearer will cut down the awfulness. It must have the social abilities of a concussed (well fill in anything of your choice here) to think the world functions like that.
Have to agree with Ser Au - aiming to 'bring abuse rates in VR close to RL ones' is an indicator of someone who is totally clueless. Unless sigh it really does think in terms of a billion straight white males.


Yeah maybe Hitler would have been a better person if he were using Second Life. chortle

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