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Friday, February 10, 2017


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Carlos Loff

I check this blogue once or twice a day, just wonder if all posts are gonna be about trump - most Americans voted on it, it was not just anothervlevel of GTA or Final Fantasy, it was election day, and contrary to other, this president showed right from the start exactly hiw BAD he was, now leave with and let's please move onnnnn

Clara Seller

This is interesting and confusing because it is under the umbrella of Avatars Against Trump. This is against political apathy and for access to healthcare and voter's rights. The silencing of Occupy Wall street, the brutality against DAPL water protectors,prison privatization,stop and frisk,the Patriot Act, Edward Snowden, the torture of Chelsea Manning, Julian Assage, Guantanamo detainees, mandated crippling Insurance premiums, and the forbidden subject of the fraudulent
2016 Democratic Primary where voters were caged, purged, and blacked out all happened without Trump. The right fought, protested, and demonized Obama from the start just as the left is doing with Trump. This isn't original or new. It will accomplish nothing if we believe our problems are one person.

Dartagan Shepherd

Sadly, it's time to cut NWN loose from my regular reading (and virtual worlds in general). The country is pretty much equally divided politically. Over dramatizing issues like this is exactly what turns many of us off.

Taking sides just alienates the other half of your customers, as LL and other businesses are doing. Business exists to sell product, not to make political statements.

Not just leveled at you you, Hamlet, but this is a one-sided soap opera that seems bound and determined to overstate every issue and demonize everyone who doesn't agree.

Thanks for all the great articles, insights and fun over the years. May there be many pieces and books in your future.

Da Hayward

Dartagen makes a good point.
why not have articles about the SL underground, places older guys like myself can find a good rice queen, gym bunny or just a well done shemale to take home.
Have you considered doing reviews in SL or better yet someplace bigger like OpenSim.

Sarah Jessica

No you can't take my rights i am still using them."Power To The Girls - SuperGirl"
“We’re here to support women’s rights,” anti-Trump inspired, feminist symbol shirt!
Join the #moralresistance #MoralMarch
For requested people, we recently relaunch our inspiration
campaign: https://teespring.com/power-to-the-girls-supergirl

Better then Ezra

Have you thought about more tech articles? AMD is only a few weeks from releasing its biggest product in over a decade that's very powerful & affordable. articles about that could tie-in with reasons residents in all virtual worlds should upgrade to a newer PC.

How about interviews with former lindens?

Interviews with operators of other virtual worlds? meshmoon or IMVU with so many out there past and present.

more non-vr tech articles maybe how to upgrade older pc without buying new

interviews with past residents ,schools

Politics might get more clicks but too much will invite in the worst kind of trolls, political and religious nutcases, who just alienate everyone of us into not talking then not reading at all.

Han Held

Hamlet's job is to report the news -and this is news.

The US has elected a thin-skinned maniac who at the least is paving the way towards WWIII, and possibly even nuclear war. And that's not to mention the havock he's wreaking on our institutions.

Anyone who wants to bury their head in the sand is welcome to; but I applaud his coverage of this, the stand he's taking and 'avatars against trump' in general.

On a completely unrelated note; the "Da" I read above sounds nothing like the one I see on HGB. Impostor? That's what I'm thinking.

Han Held

Alternately, I think both of Better then Ezra's points are valid. It would be good to have a much higher ratio of tech articles than you have now. I'd love to see "where are they now" articles about former Lindens, but that might peter out rather quickly.

The point about trolls and alienating your core audience is one to pay attention to too.

Obviously I wouldn't say cut out the politics (I stand by my previous post); I would say to emphasize the tech and virtual world angle more, though.

Trump and the craziness will pass -and so will the audience that comes only to fight about him.

 Christopher Strachan

@ Mister Han Held..
" I've left opensim...cancelled my regions and my servers. I'm not sure if it's a break or if it's permanent. "

Troll Much?..Forgetting you're Ars*hole attempts to destroy OpenSim G+/Talla Adam Group...Head on back to SLUniverse to fight you're other multi-personalitie's, Another OVER THE TOP Inworldz bash'..maybe? It's been awhile'..you know you want to!=)



How boring, is this the only thing that happens around virtual worlds? Its like that awful series of posts about gamergate all over again..

Han Held

@Chris, YOUR personal issues don't belong on HAMLET's blog. I addressed your drivel on G+ and out of respect for NWN's readers I'm taking it to opensim everything.

You know where to find it. If not, ask an adult.

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