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Monday, February 06, 2017


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Amanda Dallin

If the race to becoming a standard was that easy we'd all be using Palms and Blackberry's. Even if HiFi became a major standard, there would still be room for other players.

I could see Sansar playing the iPhone vs HiFi as Android. If you extend the analogy, SL is DOS and Open Sim is TRS-DOS.

Better then Ezra

Took me a long time to like high fidelity and just waiting until the software matures so I can have my own universe.
they have been transparent and honest since day one, how they operate and treat residents says a lot as well.
thinking Masami is spot on, many other great things from hifi are coming, headsets soon to come with new PC's as standard keyboards do now.

Also as a sidenote, my thoughts is Sine-Space should consider going open-source, get funding the same way Philip has, it would do better that's my belief.


That was not really true. Opensim have a big eco system around it. With both commercial and free grids. There are the conference and Avatafest. It have the hypergrid that makes it possible to jump between the grids and a lot of free content to use at it is compatible with Second life.

I also run a High fidelity server. Not many people use the HF servers but of course it have more potential as it is new and still developing. Opensim is great but getting old and if HF will be the future, i am not that sure.


I have been with HiFi from the beginning, mostly because I believe that Philip Rosedale is a visionary leader. As stated above, he's also transparent, and shows up often at user meetings to keep us informed of the direction the devs are taking.
They have a small staff, and many of the alphas who are skilled at scripting get paid to move things along. So, the pace is slow, but the direction is clear.
There was no better virtual world than Second Life, and I have no doubt that High Fidelity will be a leader in VR. If you have skills or interest, come along for the ride, because it's never dull, and has that pioneer energy. Plus, I have a domain that is bigger than, cheaper than, and allows more creativity than anything I ever had in SL, when I was paying sometimes 150 dollars a month to keep my land.

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