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Friday, February 03, 2017


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Talk about vomit inducing lag. Remotely controlling a robot via VR would introduce too much latency to avoid the vomitorium!


I feel like we need a mass viewing of "Sleep Dealer" right about now... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xW8oSRSzS7M

Jake and the Fatman

Pathfinder that movie looked so bad I bet it's good =)


So, VR makes long distance remote working feasible for a lot of jobs with a partly manual character. Hmm I could pay an American a going wage to work that way, or I could place the operator in Oh, say India. Might be cheaper there. Guess VR won't necessarily preserve all those American jobs that AI is set to take away .....


Not only that, now all those pesky security risk immigrants don't have to cross the borders. A Trumputinian solution!

OTOH, giant robots running amok .... Sigh nothing is ever simple.


I guess Phil is doing busy with his game to even make a statement about what Trump's doing.

Talk about 'having no clue'.

Better then Ezra

I like High Fidelity and think Philip is really creating the kind of magic I once found in SL.

Sansar after 3 years we know very little about it while game companies always go out there way to showcase upcoming games to players..is sansar not trying to offer game like 'experiences' guess everyone will find out since they plan to 'nudge' everyone out of SL kicking and screaming to give Sansar a pulse.


Sadly he's out of touch. VR is still trying to take off but we were promised it in 2013. AI is taking off because it can be built into things we already have, like apps for phones. VR requires me to buy new stuff. AI shows up in the stuff I already have.

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