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Monday, February 06, 2017


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IntLibber Brautigan

LOL "nudge" aka forced migration. How about a poll along the lines of: if Linden Lab tries to force you to Sansar, will you go quietly, or take stage right, to Opensim?

Better then Ezra

They will never nudge me, after some of the things done directly to me by the lab since E.Linden came to power...Pfft

Things went to hell in a handbasket since Rod was forced out, he always spoke highly of SL while in power. I'll never forget the speech he gave at the 10th birthday bash, made it seem like SL was the place to be, that it was being restored to it's former glory, seemed to be the lab's goal then.

how things change =(


SL is stagnant at best. I will be investigating Sansar for use in higher ed.
Also, typo in the title "...best guest..." probably should read "...best guess..."

Wagner J Au

Ouch, it's already baked in!


Sorry, no one likes a typo-nazi. :P

bruno capelli

awww I second your emotions , .....lol

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