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Friday, March 24, 2017


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Clara Seller

Honestly, I'm confused. I see the Russian Flag on top of what appears to be a very insecure structure. Isn't this derogatory toward Russians?

"Putin's Russia"? In one sweeping generality you have taken an entire nation of people and put them under the thumbprint of a leader who is being used as a political weapon to fight a dirty little war at home that is short on facts and obese with innuendo.

One day the SL community stands unified for diversity as we finger ourselves in celebration of just how darned accepting and enlightened we are. The next day we are willing to set the entire world on fire rather than admit we are complete brainwashed lunatics.

Masami Kuramoto

The Trump/Russia collusion claim is on the brink of collapse, and this artwork is indeed a perfect metaphor for that.

metacam oh

what Masami? Are you insane? We haven't even gotten started on Trump/Russia collusion. There IS collusion and the evidence will come out eventually. Now if you live in the Fox News world and Limbaugh and Breitbart carefully crafting your universe I could see why you would think that the claim is false. However you are indeed incorrect.


Psst. There is no Russian collusion. It was all made up. Hey SL Avatars Against Trump, you can stop crying now. You lost. Get over it.

metacam oh

Oh there is, and when it all comes out public you'll spin some BS about him being set up or it doesn't matter that he committed treason etc. It really is amazing how many Russia/Trump sock puppets there are out there.


@metacam oh - LOL. It is really amazing how you can be so fooled by leftist spin. Now take your meds and go to your trigger free zone.

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