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Friday, March 17, 2017


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Patchouli Woollahra

The film is currently available on Flash-equipped browsers @ http://www.minimovies.org/documentaires/view/secondlife

They haven't published more than the first two episodes to Youtube officially. it's like they got distracted and went away to knit meat scarves (This is not an euphemism)

Argo Nurmi

One of those hidden masterpieces that few SLer's know about. New to SL in 2007 I was ready to leave after getting the abuse treatment at Waterhead and then I had the amazing good fortune and honor to get hooked up with the SL Hobo group - artists, musicians, writers, scientists, and generally very cool people. They were the extras in Alva's story and Orhalla, Zander, who was a kind of SL Hobo chieftain plays the role of guru and guide to Alva's pilgrim. I told Alva (via chat) his movie seemed to be about coming to grips with existential angst. That got me friended by him and as a total noob in 2007 it was like suddenly finding yourself invited backstage at a rock concert. Ten years can be an amazingly long time but it was this early experience with a very cool SL group, a new media type and an amazing virtual world that convinced me to keep being part of it.

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