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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


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Name withheld

My first job, 18 years old warehouse man. Everyday threatened by the old guys that they wanted to lube me up with various oils around the place then anally rape me. I'm male btw. I thought at the time (20+ years ago) , that it was just part of the course of being a young worker that the old timers would pick on me and tease me. Never the less it was awful to be around and made me quite nervous. The boss also made sexual advances towards me. I later encountered the same toxic people in retail, especially middle management.
This was after spending my youth growing up in children's homes run by pedophiles.

PD MacGuire

I've always found that a lot of the perceived sexism in the office correlates directly to the number of men with Asperger's, et c in the office. A lot of guys on the spectrum are just unnerved by the environment and potential social situations presented by women. And they see no problem at all with being extremely rude to coworkers. I really don't see the problem as misogyny, per se, so much as it is basic awkwardness, selfishness and a lack of what I'd call maturity. I'm always fielding hysterical complaints about these weird, minor (to me) things like perfume, or the clicky noises that high heels make. Or that women in the office are "bugging them". It's a hyper-sensitivity thing, I guess. It can be very awkward, trying to comfort someone who's extremely disturbed by transitory noises that I can't even hear, and smells that I don't notice.

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