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Wednesday, March 01, 2017


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Now this is a interesting question, but unless you get to the creators of the systems and get numbers for how many sims are there that uses them it might be difficult to judge which one is more popular then the other. Especially as RP sims have a high fluctuation and often close as fast as they appear.

My own take is of course *combat system =/= RP* and I get out of any sim that mentiones to be using some sort of system like that without even looking around. In my expirience systems like this do seem to favour a very game like approach to the setting, not mixing well with the text based way RP is done. And it often has the problem of those involved into using such things actually trying to win instead of enjoying good colaborative storytelling. After all winning or loosing is of no importance. The story is (I have also watched a meter-fight early on in my RP carear and decided that this wild running around the sim while blindly swinging swords is looking silly ;P ).

Such systems are for sure good for combat sims, but in RP, where things like actual character skill, the characters mood, their feelings towards the opponent or even their shoes they have on at the given time or if they have had their morning doffee or not can matter, actual writing things out win over any system (even when it does tend to take a biiiiit longer ;P ... but I still take that over a fight being only decided on who has less problems with our beloved and ever present lag-monster ).

Amanda Dallin

The ancient (in SL terms) SPD-J system is still in use in some of the old pirate RP sims. It's the melee system used alongside the SPD sailing ship fighting system. It's very basic compared to most newer SL combat systems. It's used for boarding battles and such. Pirate/Navy role play estates such as Antiquity, Blake Sea and Pirates Destiny use it.

Iggy 1.0

SPD-J works well *because* of its age; it's simple and lets you get back to RP. I'm not a combat monster but do enjoy the random outcomes a fight might provide.

I found it less laggy than Spellfire, which I character used in a different sim. Having a big group fight is fun but Spellfire lagged it badly the one time we tried it because of all the special effects folks casting spells were using.

One way to get around Rin's concern is to have the regulars spar a lot and do some OOC tournaments and so on. That way one gets used to losing fights as well as winning them, so when a big IC fight happens, any whiners have been pre-screened out by the sim owners and RP moderators.

Pussycat Catnap

Most of the RP sims I land in state "we don't use a meter".

I don't know why you even need combat to have roleplay? Not every story is suddenly interrupted by...

OMG wait, there's a giant elf with a gun in here..


/right click

"WTF? I only got 3 copper? Where is my epic loot drop?"

Er um... as I was saying...

I don't think randomly throwing violence into the middle of ever interactive story actually helps the plot or the characterization.

Many SL RPs have moved away from meters... but many of those are still rooted in this 'hyper-machismo-notion' that story means killing elves (or orcs or something).

So it kinda still is the same thing.

That said - I have bought several SL weapons to go with the right 'look' - and I find they always seem to have DCS, CCS, and/or GM. Usually 2 of the 3. And then maybe some other meters too. But even in the 'kill an elf' sims, the use of these meters is fading.

Amanda Dallin

Iggy is right about SPD-J works well because of it's age and simplicity. Since it's often used on top of the ship fighting system, it needs to be light on system resources to reduce lag to a minimum.

Iggy 1.0

@Pussycat, most of my dice-and-paper RPGs have occasional conflicts that only sometime end in shoot-em-ups or swordplay. The Nerdist term is "minimum daily requirement of violence." I give players more XP for resolving conflicts peacefully. It can happen!

Not every problem is a nail, but at times one needs a hammer. Same goes for good RP in SL, though the best ingredient in any fight is "be graceful if you lose it."

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